A Journey to Consciousness



A Journey to Consciousness

Maybe you’re ready for the next step in your spiritual growth or maybe you’re looking for a place where you can find more information about what you are (or have been) experiencing on your spiritual path.

This is our Sacred Space to come together in a circle and share what we experience on our journey to consciousness.

We will be able to share in safety, sit in silence and find inspiration in each other, spiritual teachers and texts. As we travel together and hold space for eachother, we will not only expand our light, but also shed light on what is yet to be seen in ourselves. In doing so we become instruments of love and light for ourselves and the world.

The Bhagavad Gita Revealed’ by American spiritual teacher Sat Shree, is one of the texts we will look at. It’s his interpretation of the ancient old Hindu scripture ‘the Bhagavad Gita’.  His work is extremely valuable for our process of spiritual evolution nowadays.

It gave me a clearer context and a deeper understanding of what was happening to me on the spiritual path, articulated in a way I had never heard anyone do before.

Our circle and this book are anchors to ground our awareness and let our insights become part of our daily lives. We discover what it means to live spiritually in modern times.

When: starting 15th of July we come together once a week at 20.30 via Zoom.

What: we read something one week and share whatever we want to share. Every other week we meditate together to explore what our shared silence might bring us.

Free of charge: any donations can be made to the foundation ‘New Dharma’ to support their important work in facilitating awakening consciousness, or to me.

(If you would like to learn about Sat Shree and New Dharma, check the website. www.satshree.org.)


This structure makes it doable to integrate your journey to consciousness in your daily life.

If you’re curious about this, please contact me through mail@ernestinenuman.nl and look at www.satshree.org/book.

I hope you’ll join me as we travel together on our journey of consciousness!

Voertaal: Eng of Ned afhankelijk van de groep.