Sister Circle


In a Sister Circle we will co-create a sacred space to connect with ourselves and eachother as women who want to live and lead from their hearts.

With a circle we create a moment to retreat from daily life, experience more inner peace and purpose through, for example, meditation, breathing exercises, music, flow-writing, energy healing. And very important: by sharing our stories without any judgement.

Our stories can connect and empower us, transform and heal us. And last but not least: bring us so much joy and laughter!

It is my wish to create a space in which we support and embrace ourselves, all of us: our light and our shadow, because it’s all welcome and whatever we experience: we have the power and love to do so through our interconnectedness as feminine divine human beings.

This circle is in English and has room for 8 women per session, so everyone has time to share, but you’re not obliged to share. You don’t have to commit to all sessions and it’s free of charge.

If you wish to join, you can email me and I’ll send you the zoom-link!

You are very welcome!

If you wish to connect with me first, maybe because you have doubts if this is something for you, please don’t hesitate and send me a message!

PS.This circle has nothing to do with men not being welcome, but it’s an answer to the desire of women to connect and share freely what we experience as women that simply aren’t men;). Although we are equal, we’re not the same and it’s wonderful and empowering to have a space in which we rise up together, celebrating womanhood, with our feminine as well as our masculine energy!